How We Work

We pride ourselves on offering you a service that is skilled, transparent, communicative and respectful…

SKILLED The work done on your property is only as good as the people who do it. We have taken a long time to put together the J A Property Services team. We have chosen them not only for their skills and their commitment to quality, but also for their ability to work with respect for each other’s needs and for your property and ongoing lifestyle.

TRANSPARENT You want to pay a fair price for the work you have done – and we commit to give that to you. We recommend what is best for your long-term needs: for example, rather than fill a wall that has seen better days, we might recommend you have it skimmed and properly restored instead, saving you time and money. We never quote a price on the spot; we go away and work out the parts, materials, labour, dependencies, times and a full schedule. Only then can we give you a detailed quote that is accurate.

COMMUNICATIVE It’s your property, and you naturally want to know how things are progressing. We don’t only build, we also communicate. We make it part of our job to update you at every significant phase or milestone of the project, confirming what we have done, what comes next and how it all fits into the overall plan.

RESPECTFUL If you ask us to do a job, we are mindful that you have entrusted us with your home, and that you have to continue to live with our work-in-progress. That is why we not only work on your property as if it were our own, but also make sure that it is as habitable and pleasant as possible at the end of every day.

If you would like to know more about our expert, hard-working, communicative and trustworthy services, please phone us today on 07900 368 685 for a without-obligation discussion of your needs.

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